Hook & Ladder Goes to China

Over this past fall, Hook & Ladder had some exciting opportunities to share our sport development knowledge and experience with an international audience. While we really enjoyed some of the smaller-scale projects, like working with the South Korean equivalent of PBS on a documentary profiling emerging sports – they were particularly interested in talking about our University of Texas Quidditch team and the roller derby revival here in Austin – our biggest event of the fall was being invited to be the lone representative for the United States at a global sport development workshop held in Beijing, China.

The event was hosted by the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (CUPES) and included high-ranking government officials from the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) as well as directors of national sport federations. The purpose of bringing all these high-ranking officials together with global experts in sport development was to promote an exchange of ideas between a handful of select countries about best practices for developing athletes at both the grassroots and elite levels.

Although Tolga couldn’t make the trip, Matt represented Hook & Ladder and the USA on his behalf – and both wrote a book chapter together in conjunction with the event.

We’ve included some photos from the trip below. Enjoy!

Matt meeting the President of Capital University of Physical Education and Sports prior to the beginning of the workshop

Matt sitting between the delegate from Canada (Dr. Tony Church) and the head of the Chinese soccer federation

Presenting on the United States’ approach to sport development relative to that of other countries

Another presentation given later in the day


A shot of Matt’s Chinese nameplate during a Q&A session with the government officials

A group photo of all the workshop participants, including the university hosts, the GASC and NSF officials, and the international delegates

Matt even had the opportunity to teach a class at CUPES while he was at the university

Matt got to spend one afternoon working with the founder and president of the largest grassroots soccer club in Beijing

On the last day in Beijing, Matt was taken to the Olympic village from the 2008 games – here’s a picture of the Bird’s Nest

Squeezed in a trip to the Great Wall prior to heading back to Austin



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